What to wear at Vogue

It’s one of those Tuesdays. It’s drizzling with rain, my hair is flat and I’m struggling with what to wear to work. The thing with freelancing between magazines is, each day or week I can be at a different publishing company where a new set of rules apply. I couldn’t possibly rock up to work at a certain TV listings weekly in the same attire as a booking at ELLE. And trekking the streets of Surry Hills to the Sunday Style offices just isn’t practical in anything but flats. Think Converse or this season’s ‘ugly sandal’ of choice – the Birkenstock.

So today I’m at a little known fashion mag named Vogue. What should I wear to the most famous fashion bible on the planet when my budget is more Peter Alexander than Alexander Wang? Well, there’s only one thing for it. I’m taking inspiration from Amy Winehouse (and the bunch of street style mavens below) and I’m going back to black. It is a fashion fail-safe, after all…







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